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BC TownHalls Introduction Guide

Yellow Headers:  to get started.    (Begin with the “introductory guide” above, then go to “TownHall Event Templates” below).

“Organizer folders for TownHalls already underway.”

Blue headers: for planned and coming events .

General TownHall Resources (flyers, sheets and slides)

Flyers, Handouts, PPT’s:

(a)   Printable Flyer Option #1.

(b)   Printable Flyer Option #2.

*  Note: To request your community’s TownHall details (date, time, location) placed on the brochure, please email info@bcrising.ca

Campbell River City Council – PPT’s

 TownHall2024 Event Templates.

(getting started)

Invitation letter templates.

Community Engagement (examples)

Videos – Background Information and Examples 

The Big Picture

Moderator Training

Campbell River – City Hall

Dr. Kindy – Safer Supply

Victoria TownHall

Bill 44 – Official Community Plans



Understanding the Bills

BC Legislative Bills

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