Non-Partisan Conversations.

  Respectful  – Transparent – Honest.

It’s Time.

BC TownHalls 2024

778-560-4444 Toll Free MSG.

Should you go to a TownHall?        

If you don’t go … does it matter?

.. it matters more than you might think!

The topics being discussed:

Open to everyone !

  • Healthcare in British Columbia
  • Property rights for owners and renters
  • The safety of your children
  • Your right to accurate information
  • How you can make a difference in your community

     The BC TownHall 2024 Calendar. 



These are non-partisan community based educational events not affiliated with any political party. 

Created and organized by citizens, just like you, who care about our communities in BC.

Politicians are welcome.

..ask questions…get answers..

Great Speakers -Good Information.

Come out and meet the speakers !

You will have the opportunity to ask questions following the presentations and meet the onsite presenters  in person.


Check our calendar frequently for updates.

Consider getting a like minded group together to host a Townhall in your neighbourhood.

If you don’t see a location near you.



..take action

Questions?   –   Information   –      You Can Help Out !   

               How about hosting a Smaller “TownHome” gathering?

 Get your friends together. Would you like to host a small TownHOME gathering or Community TownHOME (Pot Luck/ BBQ?) event?

ANY size group (4 to 400+), we’re here to support you with the information you need.   We can help, just click here and let us know!

Can’t find the answer to your question on the site?

* Please contact us here.

* Read this and decide – is a TownHall for you?  

Do any of these issues matter to you and your Family?

If your answer is yes, please come and talk about it.

* See all the TownHall events happening in BC at a glance

   What are TownHalls all about?

* How do they work?


* Take the lead and organize a TownHall?

I’ll Help out , but I don’t want to organize.

Share the link.

Bring 2 friends..

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