We are your neighbours Driven By a need to share The Truth.

BC TownHalls  was born out of the growing disappointment that the people of BC and Canada are now living with the rapid loss of faith in the way our politicians govern.

It may not have impacted you yet but Bills have been forced through into law, without full consideration or process, that could ruin our way of life.

The future is at risk when our democratic grassroots process is manipulated and not valued.

These meetings  will bring us together to share information that will  inform and empower you in choosing what’s best for you and your family.

BC TownHalls is funded entirely by donation from the hosting communities and started by people just like you. We are not affiliated with any special interest organizations or political parties. We aim to create an independent forum for people to discuss issues and voice their concerns about critical community events.

 By attending your local Town Hall meeting, you can hear about and share those issues that are critical to you, your family, and your community right now, as well as discuss the decisions made by our elected representatives and the impacts that has and will have on these issues.

Do  not be paralyzed by fear or lulled to sleep thinking everything will be ok.

Get to the truth, let’s think for ourselves and not be controlled by misleading narratives.

Be well informed so you can make impactful and effective decisions in your life.


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