Disclaimer for BC TownHalls 2024

BC TownHalls 2024 is dedicated to providing a robust support platform for organizers of townhall events. Our services are designed to facilitate the planning, coordination, and execution of these events to ensure high levels of participation and organizational success.
Please be advised that BC TownHalls 2024 solely provides logistical and organizational support to event organizers. The topics discussed, content presented, and statements made during the townhall events are the sole responsibility of the individual speakers and the event organizers. BC TownHalls 2024 does not endorse, approve, or verify the information shared at these events.
Liability: BC TownHalls 2024, including its affiliates and core volunteer team, is not liable for any content delivered or statements made during any event. We do not hold responsibility for any direct or indirect consequences that may arise from the content presented or discussed at these townhall events. Attendees and participants should exercise their own judgment and discretion in interpreting and acting on any information provided during these events.
By participating in or organizing a townhall event under the support of BC TownHalls 2024, you acknowledge and agree that BC TownHalls 2024 is not responsible for the content or statements made during the event and that you will not hold BC TownHalls 2024 liable for any outcomes related to the content or discussions held.
This disclaimer is intended to provide clear guidelines on the scope of services provided by BC TownHalls 2024 and to limit our liability concerning the content and statements made at supported townhall events.
Thank you.
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