BC Government Bills 

Bill 31 – Emergency Management Act 


Deals with “Emergencies” including health and climate.

Gives the Provincial Government “General power to do all things necessary” when there is a ‘perceived’ emergency.

Section 76 allows the Minister to

  • “…appropriate, use or control the use of any personal property…”, and
  • “…require the alteration, removal or demolition of any trees, crops, structures or landscapes … “

Section 78 allows the Minister to order, control or prohibit:

  • “…travel to or from any area”
  • “…the carrying on of a business or a type of business”
  • “…an event or a type of event”

   Bill 36 – Health Professionals and Occupations Act  


Targets health professionals with punitive measures (fines, possible imprisonment, removing licenses) for speaking out against the government narrative.

Please visit Canadian Society for Science and Ethics in Medicine for further details on Bill 36 HPOA, including printed materials, educational videos and presentations.


Bill 44 ,   Bill 46  ,   Bill 47   – Housing Amendment Acts.


  • Eliminates public participation in community planning, which takes authority away from property owners and municipalities.
  • Neighbourhoods and high-transit areas will favour high-rises and multi-family homes.

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