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                                                             Local Doctors Delegation to Campbell River City Council Feb 29 2024

On Feb 29th 2024


Dr. Anna Kindy and Dr. Ingrid Pincott ND (Retired Naturopathic Physician) presented a delegation to the local Campbell River City Council. The City Council is comprised of Councillors Ron Kerr, Susan Sinnott, Sean Smythe, Doug Chapman, Tanille Johnston, Ben Lanyon and Mayor Kermit Dahl. The goal of the delegation was to bring to the attention of City Council the impact on health care that the Health Professions and Occupations Act (HPOA previously Bill 36), is having on the community of Campbell River as well as all of British Columbia.


The HPOA Act was passed on Nov 24th 2022 by the current BC Government with little consultation and will impact all BC Health Care Professions. Bill 36 was passed with little debate in spite of being one of the largest Bills ever passed in the legislature.  

HPOA ACT amalgamates 15 Health Professional Colleges into 6  and gives unprecedented power to the Minister of Health. All positions on the College boards will be appointed by the Minister, previously 50% were elected and 50% were appointed. Future regulations are made behind closed doors with no input from stake holders. The Health Minister can dismiss and reappoint Board Members and can override Public Health Measures. The Bill allows adoption as law regulations from unelected and unaccountable foreign international bodies.


In the ACT there is no definition of what constitutes ‘misinformation’. The Health Minister defines misinformation, at his ongoing discretion, that may lead to fines of $25,000 or 6 months in jail, all of which can potentially result in loss of informed consent and bodily autonomy. Our health care is in crisis and the HPOA does not address fundamental issues related to this crisis.

Under our present system of centralized Health Authority a culture of fear already exists. The HPOA Act will not only muzzle health care workers but increase this culture of fear which will increase health care worker burn out and exit from B.C.

 In summary the HPOA ACT will make patients less safe.  This ACT is control over safety and Health Care should not be politicized. www.cssem.org/HPOA provides more information.


On November 9th 2023, a team of 56 Health Professionals from across BC presented to John Rustad, the leader of the BC Conservative Party, and Bruce Banman over 5000 signed HPOA cards asking the government to repeal the ACT.  After attending the Question and Answer period in the Legislature there was a press release on the back steps of the Legislature. The event was barely covered by one of the local media. Dr. Pincott attempted to get a Press Release of this event published in the Campbell River Mirror and was denied three times.

The delegation was well received by Council. Council expressed an interest in approaching other City Councils across the province through the UBCM to consider putting pressure on the BC Government.


The documentary by Aaron Gunn, “Fleeing Canada to Save Their Lives” filmed in Campbell River was recommended as an example of the state of health care in our city. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82d3kupDYkE

The citizens of British Columbia have a right to know about this HPOA Act and its impact, along with other Bills such as Bill 31, 44 and 47. The council was asked if they could provide a venue free of charge for local citizens to have Townhalls to discuss these and other Acts that are being passed with lightning speed in the BC legislature. www.bctownhalls2024.ca


In conclusion the Council was invited to attend and participate in the upcoming Townhall in Campbell River on March 26th at the Maritime Heritage Center 7-10pm. Council Members expressed their desire to follow up with the presenters and provide some solutions.

https://youtu.be/a-qs3egWgIA Link to 35 minute delegation proceedings from www.campbellriver.ca

Dr. Ingrid Pincott

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